Thoughts about uniformity

This blog post came to me last night. And I didn't write it down but I knew I would forget it. I believe it to be something personal. Related to my neuro distinctiveness. I'm writing hoping it will come to me. So bare with me. Hm. Was it about consistency? I don't believe so. I think I was thinking about it on my drive to the pool. Ahhh yes now I remember. It was on uniformity. 

Uniformity insists on discrimination. So the insistence and expectation for a group of human beings to process information uniformly is ableist. The expectation is at odds with reality, which is the solid rock white supremacy is based on. The insistence is the violence that fuels white supremacy. And then theres a third part where we all come in, adhering to above mentioned unrealistic expectation of uniformity. Resistance to the insistence is met with violence. And that violence manifests in many ways:
-jokes at other peoples expense 
-dismissive attitudes towards others' self expression 
-minimization of abilities/emphasis on inabilities

-coercion and conversion therapy 
-mocking and public humiliation 
-exclusion and emotional distance 
-stereotyping and prejudice 
-restrictions and undermined autonomy 
-physical violence and intimidation 
-emotional manipulation 
-state neglect and harm

Uniformity sucks and we must first resist it in our minds. Only nothing is for everyone. 


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