Thoughts on human sacrifice.

White supremacy is truly on its last knees. That evil spirit that is ableism is weakened everyday. The more understanding, the more truth seeking, the more compassion, the more self expression, the more respect, the more responsibility towards each other, the more love for each other, it banishes that evil spirit from our world. 

It had a hateful 600 so years of eugenics science being used to justify the genocide, slavery and torture of anyone that isnt ideal according to rich white men. It is crumbling. It is a plantation built on blood and bullshit. Its so completely fictional in every sense of the word. Just straight up lies about the "tendencies and abilities" of human beings, they have graded us like meat. Justified do not resuscitate for disabled people during this pandemic. Justified "oh its just vulnerable people dying, trust us you'll be fine go back to shopping". Justified the treatment of disabled children being subject to torture in the name of the monoculture insisted upon us, forced on them via conversion therapy. Justified the murder of gay children by their parents. Justified bragging about harming your potential children in case they are queer. Because a white sky daddy in the sky said so? Even justifying genital mutilation for babies? 

Aside the pure unadulterated violence the fake news white supremacy is built on, this is the truth: 

Children are not disposable

Disabled people are not disposable

Neurodivergent people are not disposable 

Poor people are not disposable

People with Marginalized Genders are not disposable

People of African descent are not disposable

Queer people are not disposable

Indigenous people are not disposable

Fat people are not disposable

Elderly people are not disposable

Dark skin people are not disposable

Children are not disposable 

Disabled people are not disposable. 

White supremacy says otherwise. It brainwashes you into hating yourself. It brainwashes you to hate others. It lies and fabricates a lie on top of our already difficult reality. Their myth, their salvation, their desires have been put ahead of us. 

I know the Coronavirus has revealed that. 

I know it has. 

And thats why love is increasing. But also the backlash of trying to defeat the evil spirit that is white supremacy. See they have used it to the max, really squeezed from it to receive gifts and further perpetuate the violence as completely normal and unavoidable and inevitable. And survival of the fittest. Which again is a eugenicist lie. 

So the institutionalization of mediocrity is born. Its incredible who defined "genius" and who benefits from that definition. No. Not only one group of people are worthy of resources and respect. No. And as we've seen, many people have played the race card and become the Health Secretary. They follow themselves, enrich themselves, deitify themselves and create myths about the reality of their ability. They take from everyone else's ability and steal the fruits of their labour. Share it among their shareholder friends. They insist that their friends in government push their workers back to work regardless. Regardless of a global pandemic. Fail to create accessible infrastructure to ensure every single person on earth is safe. Instead used their power to uphold white supremacy and its lies. 

LIE: Kill protesters at will because Africans are disposable. 

LIE: Drop bombs on Muslims because they are disposable. 

Horrific traumatizing lies that take so many lives. And we all have to pretend like its okay. No its not okay. Eugenics is not okay. It is utter bullshit and lies. No human being is better than another one. Hierarchy is a cult. We must leave the club. Leave it behind. Embrace the spirit of love and peace. Not only is ableism an evil spirit, its twin fascist patriarchal white supremacist bullshit is built on a house of cards soon to collapse. Like its imminent. The benefactors enforce and lure you in the mass cult delusion that is white supremacy in order for the evil spirit to take many lives around the world. The evil spirit loves the blood of children and disabled people and white supremacists carry out its evil desires for death, exploitation and domination. This evil spirit is only defeated by love and compassion amongst many things but for now those first. 

This was supposed to be a microblog but when the spirit of love compels you, the spirit of self-expression, the spirit of freedom I know I'm following that direction. 


Love from the Lover (OLÓLÙFÈ) 


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