Tuesday 25th January 2022

I am urged to write this blog post because things are urgent. I have taken a break from one of my favourite hobbies, writing and explored other hobbies less existential. But i am urged to write because i have so many thoughts. I feel frustrated, I feel worried, I feel concerned about children, disabled people, elderly people and other vulnerable people especially but I am worried for us all. Theres so much pretending in the 21st Century. Its is very difficult to live like this. Under so much uncertainty, so much conflict, so much violence, so much individualistic thinking, so much reward for evil, so many circuses of wickedness, so much corruption, so much bad science, so much discrimination, so much slavery, so much oppression, oppressive regimes and capitalism. 


Its exhausting to exist and governments around the particularly the rich colonisers are pretending like this global pandemic is any way over. Its not over, its far from over. Theres barely any treatment or mention of long covid by government institutions. The covid rate is under reported particularly in children and we have no idea what the long term effects. And I feel powerless, I know I am not and i know my oppressors want me to think otherwise. But its okay that i feel this way, feelings arent facts. Its incredibly heartbreaking to say the least. I have been reluctant to say but this is one of the most devastating events in 21st Century history. I don't know why, I don't want to be living through it I guess. But millions of people all round the world have been sacrificed through this pandemic all at one go. 

Under capitalism it started with the sacrifice of Africans, particularly West Africans being kidnapped and enslaved, it grew with colonialism when more people were enslaved, and the resources they shared for tens of thousands of years plundered to feed the industrial revolution in Europe and America. That began the gross and mass scale contamination and environmental destruction and damage for the sake of money, power and drugs. This colonialism was not limited to Africa but to Asia, the Americas, Australia and Pacific Ocean Islands. 


To justify this level of fuckry religion and science went hand in hand and argued social hierarchies are perfectly natural and the will of a higher being, and science provided the "receipts" via eugenics.


And to this day eugenics science is informing the way we handle the pandemic. 


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