wouldn’t it be nice if we had..

Government-subsidised pandemic traumatic stress assessment and support - census style - with a published report which contains a detailed evaluation on the effect on essential workers, single mothers, children and disabled people.

A review of most reoccurring and most difficult issues that prevailed in communities during the pandemic; with the reveal of the action plans and steps taken by their respective councils.

A clear and simple report highlighting the most persistent "non-covid" health admissions, police work and insurance claims dating back to 2018.

The government TD and councillor positions to be a volunteer style vocation, in which volunteers are mandated to study the present and historic challenges that  children, disabled, trans, and most disadvantaged people face in their constituencies. Volunteers should also be paid the median wage of the constituency. By no means are they to be amongst the highest earners in the country.

Calls for transparency on how the state uses large cooperation tax. An announcement that the concept of "too big to fail" business has no place this society.

That companies that do not pay the living wage be named, shamed and fined the amount which is then redistributed to every single employee.

A shift based work culture in which people work at will and capability, this would include accommodations for disabled people who want to work, with the prices of these necessary accommodations paid to disabled people to execute, not as a paid pat on the back for cooperations.

An anti-violent, harm reduction focused cultural education network that is implemented by each county via Intreo centres.

Free housing for single mothers amongst this housing crisis.

The buyback of buy-to-let properties for sale by the government to provide social housing to disabled people, children, vulnerable and houseless people, single parent households and low income people.

The eradication of the buy-to-let mortgages.

Investigations on the prevalence of endometriosis and PCOS amongst people with wombs. Allow trans people to self determine.

Government subsidised - which is tax payer paid - comprehensive information, incentives and implementations of co-operative businesses as part of the social fabric of the country.

The disabled person's personal assistant training courses on offer at every further education institute, with disabled studies and community development being included as a module in every course and its line of study. 

Disability tech innovation i.e I want a sink that has a dish drying area that can move and up and down in the dish washer with the touch of a pad or button so I don't have to use the dishwasher handle.

The end of direct provision, with reparations for all that have ever entered the system. A living wage for essential workers, healthcare workers having a more equal payment structure, and an cultural education network for Ireland's culpability in the transatlantic slave trade, colonisation, the Mother and Baby scandal, xenophobia and racism spewed by Irish immigrants i.e Boston and Australia and the hypocrisy of Direct Provision.