there’s no such thing as potential, only capability, and we had none.

I think about how you might think about me and it makes me sad

That potential was all we coulda had

All the things we never said,

In a language our bodies told

Led us down this lonely road

Well me at least,

So I ducked out.


Its been years now,

I don’t know where you’re at or where you’ve been

Wherever you are, whoever it is,

Have you started saying what you mean?

Have you settled on a pipe dream?

Do you think about the piece of you that belongs to me?

I don’t mean that,

Pointless is what that is,

As well as crying over what you never did.


I don’t wanna think about the love you didn’t share

I don’t care if you cared

I’m laying in bed and you’re not here

And honestly honey,

That feels like a catastrophe,

And yeah,

I’ll get past our past in a minute but

How did I end up here writing about you like this?

I could barely show you that part of me

Sweet and simple

Good intentions, honesty

Smoke and mirrors seems like our destiny

Our nonexistent love story

But still,

I miss you shorty