Sunset in CH

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Sunset in CH is a photo series by Zeb. Zey went back to the neighbourhood that zey grew up in. The series is a nostalgic expression, a step back to the area zey spent their formative years. They returned to a place that is rarely photographed, a place that has remained the same since they first moved in 2002. The tag in the middle of the pictures speak to early noughties picture productions made on early social media sites like Piczo, Hi5, Bebo and Myspace. 
Sharing photographs like this were unthinkable when Zeb was growing up, so now zey share a photo series and relinquish feeling of shame around growing up in an area deprived of resources and state attention. 
Shot on a Kodak PIXPRO AZ252
****Please note this exhibition is best viewed on desktop.***
A picture of a side road in East London. There is a sign on the left showing a dead end. There is a brown brick building with a rectangular teal and red sign, white text reads "Ladbrokes". Theres a busy street in the background. There are brown leaves on the ground.Photo 001 - What you looking at?!
There are 2 silver cars parked in a housing estate, there is a grey deadend road, double yellow lines and a brown brick house with a white door.Photo 002 - Getting home early
It is a close up of a brown building. On the corner left, a maroon door is shown, above is silver metal sign with the numbers and words faded. There is a square fluorescent light directly above. To the right of the light there is a silver metal sign that reads "The London Borough of Newham - The playing of ball games in this area is prohibited." A corner of a window with yellow light is shown an the top left corner of the photoPhoto 003 - NEWHAM GIRL
A picture of a street. There is part of a white pole (street light) shown on the left, "ZEB PRODUCTIONZ" is shown horizontally on the pole. Behind the pole is a light brown 3 storey apartment block with a lot of windows. There is a bare tree in front of the block and a black car parked in the street. The sky is a light lilac colour and more cars and more trees and house are in the background.Photo 004 - LAMP POST
A wide frame picture of the end of a close, there are bare trees on the left of the picture, a red bus driving pass. the pavement is empty. the house on the right is brown and white, there is a silver jeep style car in the drive way. on the roof it says "zeb productiionzs" in a red graffiti stylePhoto 005 - 241
the picture is of a road as the sunsets. the sky is lilac. theres a large tree free of trees in the centre left of the image, the shadowy outline of a mechanics to the right. black railings go across the bottom of the picture and some bare branches frame the top of the picture. "zeb productiionsz" is displayed in a graffiti style font in lilac.Photo 006 - Before Dark