Thoughts on this collective

I have many thoughts and hopes and dreams and I wrote this one:

So we have an idea. What if for every piece of digital art on this website, the artist that submitted it would receive shares of the total profits for a year. Like what if we (artists) pooled the money made off this site and split it equally and paid out based on years not on hours. Like you submit 3 pieces and you basically subscribe to share the profits equally with all the artists and workers on the site for 3 years. 

It would be a cool way to support disabled artists and demonstrate business without shareholders only workers sharing. Lets see if its viable. 

We really want to imagine a new world and also be building a new world while waiting for capitalism to crumble under itself again. And this is an attempt at that. 

We want this platform to be shared with friends, (chosen) family and lovers. This art, particularly the writing is to be shared with people you trust with your heart. There's a level of vulnerability essential to occupy this space. We want to share and share from a place of understanding. We hope the poems, blog posts and essays open you up to the people you're closest to. Because there's loads to discuss and we need input from each other. 

Olólùfè means lover, lets love on each other by sharing our self -expression and art with one another. And let that sustain us for years with some what passive income. Income that lets you live wherever you want, income that is shared among people interested in love, marginalised people interested in a future that is very very very different from today. 

We would like to hear from people all around the world. 


Love from the Lover (OLÓLÙFÈ)

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