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  • Land of Milk and Honey

    What is the point of delaying the process of giving people PPS numbers Ireland? It’s not a passport. It’s not going to get me through Immigration ...

the evidence is existence as we know it.

  • Consequences

     Although benefactors and perpetrators of whiteness have appointed whiteness as the only thing that is “capable”, worthy, and entitled, existence ...
  • The Average Person

    In the spirit of acknowledging existence as we know it, we need to abandon who or what we deem as "the average person", and the phrase altogether, because it is preventing us from looking after each other in an untold manner of aspects.


  • 0089

    It is really incredibly bizarre watching people pretend they don’t admire a "strong man" like Putin
  • 0088

    That teaching "speak when you’re spoken to" that forced people to speak when they rather be mute as well as silenced many and so many other things in-between. Things told to children are really horrible. 
  • 0087

    I don’t want physical touch at the cost of my mental health but the lack of physical touch is impacting my mental health
  • 0086

    I will forgive myself for running away from the people that didn’t understand me.
  • 0085

    the group delusion fuelled by the desire to be accepted by your oppressor? horrific in every sense of the word. Eye feel lyk im in a fuckin horror mvie x 
  • from me to you

    I just wanted to say that those this life we live is near impossible, but your life in particular is precious, appreciated and essential. You’re n...
  • 0083

    An old friend told me she broke up with her bf, I told her sorry or congratulations. Because sometimes break ups are a win. 
  • 0082

    Clothes are drag, clothes are a drag. I use clothes to cover my nakedness, keep myself from the harsh conditions in the west and to look sexy. But my preference is nakedness/wrappa. 
  • 0081

    I'm trying to be a good example to my younger self, I didnt have many growing up. I want her to see that you can be yourself and stop acting. 

is romance an evil spirit?

Heavy. Really heavy. I have to save your poems for a certain time because I feel so much that I usually just end up praying. That's how impactful they are. Thank you for sharing.

My sister

I love the ending its so funny, I really do be managing tbh. I'm unlearning.

My best friend

Wow this is powerful. Thank you for sharing this with me

My friend

I really loved this my fave part was "The weight of straightness/The burden of femininity/And the chains of respectability. I felt this man.

My friend

This is definitely the most resonating poem I've heard in a long while. Fam you have anarchist poetry. You've really mastered the blends of emotion and commentary.

A fellow poet

Your words are so beautifully written

My friend

I love these [poems], I can feel the emotion behind them especially this one Missing Out.

My friend

Elephants are great, another great thing is collectivism.

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