Mocking Us

They are mocking us.

They are flagrantly, excessively, evilly, spitefully mocking us. 

With every percentage of inflation, with every minute they don't increase the minimum wage, with every point the stockmarket goes up, with every champagne bottle corked during global lockdown,

they mock us.

I was not expecting to write so poetically after all it is a blog post but honestly I'm here for it. eye just had to write that they are so sure of their power over us they are not even thinking about making concessions to keep us happy. No. They keep pouring misery on us, literally pissing on us and telling us to be grateful for the rain. 

the lockdown hurt them hard and we are being punished for it. we may need to divest from the economy the same way we did in 2020 to remind them that they need us.


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