• 0089

    It is really incredibly bizarre watching people pretend they don’t admire a "strong man" like Putin
  • 0088

    That teaching "speak when you’re spoken to" that forced people to speak when they rather be mute as well as silenced many and so many other things in-between. Things told to children are really horrible. 
  • 0087

    I don’t want physical touch at the cost of my mental health but the lack of physical touch is impacting my mental health
  • 0086

    I will forgive myself for running away from the people that didn’t understand me.
  • Mocking Us

    They are flagrantly, excessively, evilly, spitefully mocking us. 
  • 0085

    the group delusion fuelled by the desire to be accepted by your oppressor? horrific in every sense of the word. Eye feel lyk im in a fuckin horror mvie x 
  • 0084

    eye wont cis-het endure men outside of work
  • from me to you

    I just wanted to say that those this life we live is near impossible, but your life in particular is precious, appreciated and essential. You’re n...
  • 0083

    An old friend told me she broke up with her bf, I told her sorry or congratulations. Because sometimes break ups are a win. 
  • 0082

    Clothes are drag, clothes are a drag. I use clothes to cover my nakedness, keep myself from the harsh conditions in the west and to look sexy. But my preference is nakedness/wrappa. 
  • 0081

    I'm trying to be a good example to my younger self, I didnt have many growing up. I want her to see that you can be yourself and stop acting. 
  • 0080

    Every day I sleep through an alarm that goes off at 06.35