How To Use This Site

This site is on a break at the moment and we have transferred our art to :



Welcome to our digital art gallery. All art showcased in this gallery is available via digital download. So currently there are e-poems available for download, some paid for, some are free but checkout is necessary regardless. Tipping is welcome but not available for free art pieces. The art will automatically download after checkout. 

Alongside e-poems theres gift cards if you would like to support the growth of the art collective and be able to buy more art in the future which in turn will help us have more artists contribute their work. 

Theres also a number of blogs to review as well. The Microblog, Insight That Bites and The Evidence is Existence As We Know It. Please keep coming back to view our latest thoughts, views and opinions. 

We want to make the site as accessible as we can so we have not fully launched until we can get audio done for all written texts. 

We will be sharing all profits from this site equally, we will not collect marketing data (cookies) from people that visit our site or advertise corporations. We are imagining a successful artist/worker owned collective able to support marginalised people from all over the world. 


Heres what it will look like:

1. Add the poems you would like to read to your cart.


2. Check out using literally any details you like, nothing will be sent to your address as this site is strictly digital download.



3. Click continue to payment, this page appears for free pieces. Select complete order. 

4. This page will appear, with a link to download, it arrives as a pdf or mp3.

5. You can open your download in a pdf viewer and for mp3 a music app.