About Us


This site is on a break at the moment and we have transferred our art to : https://ololufe-collective.ghost.io


Hi there, 

We are selling our art, one poem/one essay at a time. 

In the slivers of our pain there's a cost and communion. 

And the preferred place is a mutual aid community committed to reducing harm by 100%, living without the violence and pressure of ableism, xenophobia, transphobia, ageism, whorephobia, anti-blackness, patriarchy, capitalism, white supremacy, sinophobia and islamophobia. 

While we all work towards the re-imagining of how we operate on this planet, we are still chained down by capitalism. We need money to continue producing art. Give us space to express ourselves, pursuit freedom and share among ourselves. We want to escape relying on white institutions like arts councils, universities, residencies, prize money, magazines, news letters, best seller lists, celebrity recommended and award shows so please buy our art. We have high hopes. We want to dream.